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choose a place to relax with sauna and SPA in Predeal

Do you want to go on holiday in Predeal this year and you are looking for a place to stay that can offer you modern conditions and facilities? Elexus Hotel is the ideal place where you can spend your time as you wish, in a newly arranged space with good taste and an appearance to the liking of any tourist. You should also know that in this place was once the Predeal Hotel, founded in 1963, so a place with a historical load and a long tradition.

Why should you stay at Elexus - Predeal hotel four stars

Elexus Hotel is an ideal place to spend your vacation or holiday with your loved ones. With a long tradition and experience, of over 50 years, we offer you exceptional conditions both for accommodation and meals, as well as for the relaxation area and SPA, the comfort and facilities being four stars. If you have not yet decided to choose us, see some of the reasons that will convince you to come to Predeal at our hotel:

  • All available rooms are recently renovated and have modern conditions
  • You can choose from several accommodation options, from single room to double room or superior apartment
  • At Predeal hotel Elexus you can have SPA sessions as you dreamed: jacuzzi, heated pool, massage or sauna
  • The hotel’s restaurant has a varied menu of international cuisine and offers you the opportunity to dine both indoors and on the terrace during the summer.
  • The location of the Elexus hotel in Predeal is very accessible, it can be reached very easily and the area is very green
  • You can have breakfast right by the pool – we have the floating breakfast service available
  • Reservations for a room in Predeal at Hotel Elexus can be made directly online from our website. There, you can benefit from discounts and choose accommodation options with breakfast included.

Accommodation options in Predeal at SPA hotel

We are waiting for you at Elexus if you are looking for accommodation in Predeal at our hotel with SPA. Regardless of the reason why you travel in this wonderful area of ​​the country, we have prepared rooms according to your needs such as: single room, double room, double room with garden, standard apartment and superior apartment – for families with children.

All these rooms in Predeal hotel Elexus are equipped and recently furnished, so that they meet all the necessary conditions for a four star hotel.

SPA in Predeal at the Elexus Hotel, with friends or family

Are you looking for a place for SPA in Predeal? At Elexus you can stay in a room with luxurious conditions and facilities, but you can also optionally enjoy the SPA. We have the following: jacuzzi, halotherapy, massage, sauna and a heated outdoor pool. All these benefits are both for the clients of the hotel in Predeal Elexus and for those who are just looking for relaxation and body treatments.

Jacuzzi - hydrotherapy

If you arrive at our Elexus hotel in Predeal you can enjoy SPA sessions in our modern jacuzzi. Here you will be able to pamper yourself in any season, due to the high water temperature.

The outdoor environment contributes to a general state of well-being and relaxation.

Accommodation Predeal hotel with heated outdoor pool

If you are a guest of the hotel in Predeal Elexus, you should know that you have free access to our swimming pool, between opening hours. It is located right next to the hotel and can be seen from the window of some rooms. Those who want to pamper themselves at the Predeal hotel in the Elexus pool, can order a floating breakfast, a breakfast in the pool.

Halotherapy at Predeal SPA hotel

Within Predeal SPA hotel Elexus you can benefit from halotherapy or saline therapy. We have an enclosure with saline aerosols that can be inhaled to treat various ailments, including respiratory.

So, you come on vacation to relax, but also to treat certain ailments in a modern SPA space.

Massage at Predeal hotel

What could be more relaxing than having a professional massage in an elegant setting at our four-star hotel?

You can choose from a wide range of relaxing, anti-cellulite or facial massages for you and your loved ones, at affordable prices.

Hotel sauna - enjoy the benefits of a wooden sauna

At Elexus you will find a special place where you can enjoy the SPA session as you wish, including the sauna in our hotel in Predeal. It is modern, in a wooden space that is electrically heated by volcanic rocks. It is a place where you can enjoy a sauna “by the book”, its effect being a fast one, which is felt even after the first 5 minutes of use.

The sauna has many benefits for the body such as reducing stress, eliminating toxins from the body, softening the skin and eliminating body fat. We are waiting for you at Predeal hotel Elexus to benefit from SPA conditions and treatments as you dream!

Restaurant Noir in Predeal hotel

Inside the Elexus Hotel in Predeal you can find Restaurant Noir, an elegant place to dine, opened in December 2020. Because we know how varied the tastes of our guests can be, we have prepared a diverse menu that includes the most famous international cuisine.

If you arrive at Predeal hotel Elexus, you will be able to dine both indoors and on the outdoor terrace which is open during the summer. In the restaurant we have a natural fireplace, but also natural olive trees. See more images with Restaurant Noir and our dishes right here.

How to get to Hotel Elexus for SPA in Predeal and for accommodation in exceptional conditions

Elexus Hotel is located on Muncii Street number 6 in Predeal, in an area accessible to any car, regardless of the area in the country you come from. If you want to come for SPA in Predeal or just want to relax, you can set our location on the phone map and you will quickly get from the main road in Predeal directly to our hotel. The area from Predeal hotel Elexus is a quiet one with a lot of green space and a dream view.

Also you must know you can find us in the heart of Transylvania, just a 20 to 30 minute drive from Dracula’s Castle, Peles Castle and Brasov City with the famous Black Church. The natural shaped Sphinx & Babele Stone formations are in close range as well. Kids can enjoy Dino Park and the Rasnov Fortress and see how the cavemen lived in Valea Cetatii Cave when the guide turns off the lights.

If you choose Hotel Elexus, you can also visit the nearby Seven Stairs Canyon. Those who are passionate about mountain adventure can enjoy the return from the canyon with the adventure of the 21 tyrolean.

Choose an accommodation in Predeal at Hotel Elexus and contact us for reservations!

Reservations for an accommodation in Predeal at Elexus Hotel can be made online by accessing this page, where you can choose the room and the desired period. If you have any questions or simply want to book a room after talking to us, you can contact us by phone – 0752 050 447 between 9:00 and 18:00. You can also write us a message on the email address and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Choose to spend your holiday in Predeal Hotel Elexus, comfort and four star conditions in a dream place, relaxing and with access to SPA!

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